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AT&T DataConnect Personal plans, hassle free, without a long term commitment.

250MB data


2GB data


Mobile broadband not available everywhere.

Plans are for 30 days and automatically renew every 30 days, unless you cancel service prior to the start of the 30 day renewal. Service may be cancelled at any time by visiting retail store or by calling 1-800-331-0500. No term commitment or termination fees apply. Usage in excess or 250MB for the 250MB plan, or 2GB for 2GB plan, during the 30 day period to be billed at $14.99 for each additional 250MB, and $10 for each additional 1GB, respectively. Unused data does not rollover to the next thirty day period. Offer not available for on-tablet activation. Plan not suitable for corporate email or intranet systems. Plan for compatible tablets. Credit check may be required. Limited time offer.

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